We have constantly invested in increasing the quality of our products, our manufacturing process complies with the requirements imposed by the standards SR EN ISO 9001:2015, SR EN ISO 14001:2015, SR EN ISO 45001:2018. These standards were certified in 2009. The implementation of this integrated management system (quality, environment, health and occupational safety) was the main way of economic development.

According to the European environmental legislation, rigorous controls are carried out regarding the presence of hazardous waste. We continuously monitor the level of radioactivity of the purchased wastes and the presence of dangerous substances with which these wastes can be impure.

To ensure that our products do not contain such traces, the material is checked since entering the company as waste and is certified with the delivery of the final product to the customer.

In 2012, we implemented and certified Regulation (EU) 333/2011 establishing criteria based on which the types of scrap metal cease to be waste are established. Because our partners trust is very important to us, AS METAL invested to develop the two laboratories with specific metallurgical equipment to help in the quality control at the two production sections, more specifically processing the aluminium waste and the preparation/refining of the secondary aluminium alloys.