Management of decommissioned

AS METAL is one of the companies officially accepted by the Environmental Protection Agency to handle and treat ELVs (end-of-life vehicles).

Please do not hesitate to request information about how issuing the certificates of destruction and the necessary documents, according to the legislation.

According to the current legislation, it is mandatory to hand ELVs over to authorised companies, based on the following conditions:
• The decommissioned vehicles should have all major components in place (e.g. undercarriage parts, the chassis, basic engine components, large bodywork parts, the catalytic converter or the electronic control systems). Should any of these parts be missing, some additional costs may appear when the vehicle is handed over to the treatment plant.

•The owner or their official representative should submit the original and photocopy versions of the following documents:

a) vehicle’s identity card;
b) identity document of the last owner or their legal representative (in the case of individuals);
c) identity document of the delegated person (in the case of the legal entities).
Ongoing programmes to encourage the upgrade of the auto fleets:

> The programme to incentivise the upgrade of the national car fleet 2017-2019.


•  Waste management;
•  EU directives and regulations (status “End of Waste”).

• Technological know-how;
• Industrial design;
• Specific tests performed in the field of aluminium waste recycling (secondary aluminium metallurgy).


AS METAL is willing and ready to enter into research, technology transfer, case study, awareness raising and practical work partnership with anyone interested in this sort of endeavour. We are also providing support to the young people who are working on their MA theses or on their doctoral degrees in the field of aluminium metallurgy.

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