COVID-19: Preventive Measures and Business Continuity at AS Metal

20 March 2020

Given the State of Emergency Decree in Romania due to COVID-19 pandemics, we would like to inform you that AS Metal Com has taken all necessary health and safety measures to ensure full business continuity in the production, waste acquisition and delivery of secondary raw materials.

We have implemented procedures to ensure compliance with all due requirements, keeping ourselves updated with official information provided by the Romanian authorities, as well as closely monitoring the crisis situation together with our management team.

We would like to mention that up to this point, there are no Covid-19 related illnesses registered among AS Metal Com and no persons in quarantine due to this reason.

At a company level, we provide access to all our employees to flexible work policies and schedules, as well as encouraging remote-work using technology.

We would like to ensure partners and clients that our management team has implemented all preventive measures required to increase health and work safety on premises, in order to minimize the risk of a Covid-19 spread, such as:

  • Organising training sessions for employees on Covid-19 risk factors and types of prevention-oriented behaviours at an individual and a collective level;
  • Cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces, equipment, and other elements of the work environment here at AS Metal Com, including production facilities;
  • Equipping company premises with alcohol-based hand sanitizer, tissues and cleaning supplies, as well as providing face masks and disposable gloves;
  • Limitation of internal and external business travel.

We closely follow the recommendations of state and local health authorities, such as the Ministry of Health and the National Committee for Special Emergency Situations, as well as the communication issued by the World Health Organization, in order to be fully updated and prepared to take measures.

During these times, we would like to ensure our clients and partners that we are by their side to overcome this, being confident that we have the right resources in place to continue working together in a climate of normality and vigilance, having trust and open communication as common values.

In the same time, I encourage you to look at the current crisis situation in a constructive manner, as a good opportunity to rethink and plan future work, to innovate even more, to come up with solutions and ideas in support of the community and of the industry we belong to, that of waste collection, recovery and recycling in Romania and to continue to serve the needs and requirements of our customers to the highest standards of work security and environmental protection!

Kind regards,

Constantin Apostol,

CEO AS Metal Com