Restart of our production, acquisition and delivery of secondary raw materials activity

13 May 2020

In response to the relaxation measures initiated by the Romanian authorities in helping companies restart business operations, we would like to inform you that AS Metal Com has adopted the following decisions to gradually begin the production, acquisition and delivery of secondary raw materials:

  • Starting with 11th May 2020, AS Metal Com is fully operational for the production and delivery of raw materials based on secondary aluminum alloys;
  • Starting with 15th May 2020, AS Metal Com reinitiates by 50% the procurement of aluminum and other types of metal waste for processing;

We reiterate that we have studied the Public Health Official Guidelines and have implemented procedures to ensure compliance with the requirements to restart operations.
We would like to mention that up to this point, there are no Covid-19 related illnesses registered among AS Metal Com and no persons in quarantine due to this reason.

At a company level, we provide access to all our employees to flexible work policies and we encourage remote-work using technology.
On our premises, we have taken all measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, via dedicated training for employees regarding social distancing at the workplace, cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces, equipment, and other elements of the work environment here at AS Metal Com, including production facilities, as well as equipping company premises with alcohol-based hand sanitizer, tissues and cleaning supplies, as well as providing face masks and disposable gloves.

For our employees who are travelling to work, AS Metal Com ensures that transportation is done with respect to public health guidelines for COVID-19 prevention, such as social distancing measures, disinfecting the transportation vehicles and the use of face masks and disposable gloves during transportation.

We closely follow the recommendations of state and local health authorities, such as the Ministry of Health and the National Committee for Special Emergency Situations, as well as the communication issued by the World Health Organization, in order to be fully updated and prepared to take proactive measures during the upcoming business recovery months.