More than 25 years ago Constantin and Gheorghe Apostol founded the company AS METAL COM SRL under the name of JETTOURS SERVICII SRL. This company has carried out consulting activities in the field of metallurgical industry and trade in metallurgical products, especially non-ferrous. In 2000, the current industrial site in the southern area of ​​Bucharest was purchased and the production activity in the field of metal waste recycling started.

Starting with 2010, AS METAL has become a significant presence on the national and regional market with commercial partnerships in the automotive, home appliances and steel sectors.

The performance we reached today is the transformation of about 2000 tons / month of waste mainly from aluminum into secondary raw materials. Today we produce about 17000 tonnes / year of secondary aluminum alloys cast in ingots and hemispheres as well and about 2000 tonnes / year of secondary aluminum and iron raw materials in accordance with Regulation (EU) 333/2011 establishing criteria determining when certain types of scrap metal cease to be waste under Directive 2008/98/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council.

AS METAL created the basis for the current industrial activity by purchasing an industrial site of about 35,000 sqm, which was a part of a major industrial platform in the South of Bucharest.
A number of major investments followed to obtain the legal authorizations for the site, to start the ferrous and non-ferrous metal waste recycling business.
AS METAL obtained the necessary legal authorizations to process ferrous and non-ferrous metal waste.
The company installed its first furnace for the aluminium alloy ingots casting and a system moulding for aluminium die casting.
The production capacity was increased by installing a new 25 t furnace with a pump that recirculates the molten aluminium.
Also legal authorizations were obtained for two waste treatment activities: decommissioned ELVs and WEEE.
AS METAL starting aluminium waste shredding and ECS sorting equipment.
The new exhaust system was also installed.
AS METAL became more active on the national and regional markets, developing business partnerships in the automotive, home appliances and steel industry.
2012 year came with a major development in terms of ownership structure. Our company became part of an important industrial group based in Northern Italy.
In fact, thanks to the different companies that make up the Group, it encloses within itself a production cycle that few companies in the world possess, from scraps to raw materials, from commodities to design products.
First on the Romanian market, our company was also certified as producer of secondary raw materials according to the requirements of Regulation (EU) 333/2011.
New equipments were purchased to upgrade the metallurgic laboratories for quality improvement.
We modernised our offices, the maintenance unit and the administrative area.
We have put into operation aluminum waste processing plants (pre-shredder, X-ray sorting plant, automatic sorting plant with Eddy current, optical sorting plant and metal detection) and an automatic line for palletizing secondary aluminum alloy ingots.