secondary aluminium alloys

The secondary aluminium alloys cast in ingots and hemispheres by AS METAL are certified as per the European EN 1676:2010 Standard and the technical requirement of the clients.


Vezi tabel
Chemical Composition(%)SiFeCuMnMgSrNiCrZnTiPbSnCdSbBiBCaLiNaP
460008.0-11.00.6 - 1.12.0 - 4.0max 0.550.15 - 0.55max 0.55max 0.15max 1.2max 0.20max 0.35max 0.15max 0.05max 0.25remaining
4610010.0-12.00.45-1.01.5 - 2.5max 0.55max 0.30max 0.45max 0.15max 1.70max 0.20max 0.25max 0.15max 0.05max 0.25remaining
4710010.5- 13.50.6 - 1.10.7 - 1.2max 0.55max 0.35max 0.30max 0.10max 0.55max 0.15max 0.20max 0.10max 0.05max 0.25remaining
464008.3 - - 1.30.15 - 0.550.20 - 0.650.200.800.10 - 0.05max 0.25remaining
AlSi9Cu3 (Fe)9.60 -110.40 -1.002.70 -3.50max 0.50.18-0.34max 0.5max 0.15max 1.2max 0.2max 0.2max 0.2max 0.05max 0.25remaining
GAS9C19.0-10.0max 0.250.8-1.3max 0.10.3-0.5max 0.003max 0.05max 0.03max 0.05max 0.1max 0.05max 0.05max 0.005max 0.01max 0.002max 0.003max 0.002max 0.05max 0.20remaining
AS9U3G8.50-9.5max 0.702.00- 3≥Fe/2 max 0.600.40-0.55max 0.30max 0.900.13-0.18max 0.05max 0.25remaining
AS7U36.50-8.00max 0.703.00- 4.000.20-0.650.30-0.65max 0.30max 0.05max 0.650.10- 0.15max 0.15max 0.10max 0.01max 0.01max 0.05max 0.25remaining
319TO7.50- 8.50max 0.502.80- 3.500.15 - 0.40 ½%Fe0.30-0.40max 0.10max 0.050.12-0.16max 0.10max 0.05max 0.015max 0.02max 0.05max 0.15remaining
AS5U3G/3+5.10-5.70max 0.502.70-3.30max 0.30.30-0.45max 0.10max 0.200.10- 0.15max 0.05max 0.050.008max 0.05max 0.15remaining
AlSi6Cu45.0-7.0max 0.93.0-5.00.2-0.65max 0.55max 0.45max 0.15max 2.0max 0.2max 0.3max 0.15max 0.05max 0.15remaining
AlSi6Cu4(Sr)6,0-6,8max 0.503,3-4,80,40-0,600,20-0,300.010-0.014max 0.20max 0,05max 0.800.10-0.15 (target 0,13)max 0.07max 0.10max 0.0070max 0.004max 0.0050max 0.05max 0.0020max 0.0005max 0.0010max 0,015max 0.05max 0.15remaining


Vezi tabel
Chemical Composition (%)SiFeCuMnMgNiCrZnTiPbSnSr
4430010.5-13.50.60-0.80max 0.080.20- 0.55max 0.05max 0.05max 0.05max 0.10max 0.15max 0.05max 0.05max 0.05max 0.25remaining
AlSi12 LM611.5-13.5max 0.65max 0.20max 0.55max 0.10max 0.10max 0.15max 0.20max 0.10max 0.05max 0.05max 0.15remaining
AS1010.0-11.00.30-0.70max 0.200.10. 0.50max 0.30max 0.20max 0.15max 0.15max 0.05max 0.10max 0.05max 0.15remaining
420006.5-7.5max 0.45max 0.15max 0.35 0.25-0.65max 0.15max 0.15max 0.20max 0.15max 0.05max 0.05max 0.15remaining
431009.00-11.00max 0.45max 0.08max 0.450.25-0.45max 0.05max 0.10max 0.15max 0.05max 0.05max 0.05max 0.15remaining
430009.00-11.00max 0.40max 0.03max 0.450.25-0.46max 0.05max 0.10max 0.15max 0.05max 0.05max 0.05max 0.15reminder
4410010.5-13.5max 0.55max 0.10max 0.55max 0.10max 0.10max 0.15max 0.15max 0.10max 0.05max 0.15reminder
434009.00-11.000.45-0.90max 0.08max 0.550.25-0.50max 0.15max 0.15max 0.15max 0.15max 0.05max 0.05max 0.15reminder
432009.00-11.00max 0.55max 0.30max 0.550.25-0.45max 0.15max 0.35max 0.15max 0.10max 0.05max 0.15reminder
AlSi9MgMn(Fe)9.50-10.500.50-0.80max 0.100.35-0.500.14-0.22max 0.05max 0.07max 0.07max 0.10max 0.05max 0.050.01-0.02reminder


Vezi tabel
Chemical Composition(%)SiFeCuMnMgNiCrZnTiPbSnSrCaPNaHgCdVZr
4800011.6 - 12.4max 0.53.6 - 4.0max 0.30.7 - 1.01.9 - 2.3max 0.05max 0.150.08 - 0.16max 0.008max 0.008max 0.001max 0.00150.005 - 0.008max 0.00050.05 - 0.110.08 - 0.16max 0.05max 0.15reminder
4800010.50-13.50max 0.600.80-1.50max 0.350.9- 1.50.70- 1.30max 0.35max 0.20max 0.05max 0.15reminder
121112.6 - 13.2max 0.500.9 - 1.400.10 - 0.300.9 - 1.200.8 - 1.2max 0.03max 0.20max 0.10max 0.10max 0.10max 0.01max 0.05max 0.15remaining
124212.6 - 13.2max 0.503.40 - 3.900.10 - 0.300.90 - 1.201.90 - 2.20max 0.03max 0.20max 0.10max 0.10max 0.10max 0.10max 0.05max 0.15remaining
AlNiMn2TiBmax 0.70max 0.50max 0.701.9 - 2.1max 0.301.90-2.10max 0.10max 0.100.10-0.20max 0.10max 0.10max 0.01max 0.05max 0.15remaining

Deoxidation aluminium

Vezi tabel
Chemical Composition (%)AlSiFeCuMnMgZnPb
Al 95%min 95max 2max 1.5max 1max 0.5max 1max 1
Al 96%min 96max 1max 0.5max 0.7max 1.2max 0.5max 0.1
Al 97%min 97max 1max 2